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Gib stopping is the generic term used to describe interior plastering or the concealing of joins and screws after Gib Plasterboard has been installed.

The finish standard we use in your home is put together to ensure a lasting high quality finish.We also work closely with technical specialists from our suppliers to maintain current best practice.

Here are some things we do to make sure that you receive a fantastic long lasting finish:

  • 1. Use only high adhesive based plasters on our base coats. High adhesive plasters are stronger and offer much better crack resistance in the long term.
  • 2. We re-enforce all joins using only papertape or FiberFuse tape, we do that because they are much stronger than the Fibre tape which that is commonly used to save time and costs.
  • 3. Before we any skim wall or ceiling we apply a high quality oil based pigmented sealer this is to make sure that plaster stays stuck to your wall! We have seen some real disasters from stoppers using inferior sealers or leaving out this step altogether.
  • 4. We perform several light checks during and after the sanding process. Light checks are designed to expose tool marks or imperfections which may be visible in ordinary lighting conditions.
  • 5. In cases where we do not do the Gib fixing we recommend correct Gib fixing procedures.